Usage and Benefits

Where is RT-DT most useful?

RT-DT can improve product quality, machine utilization, and overall plant efficiency in the following industries

Predictive maintenance with RT-DT can save a lot of money

Annual cost of preventive maintenance for a manufacturing plant is about 6-7% of the underlying plant assets. A $300 million plant requires at least $21 million for maintenance every year. Yet, this does not guarantee zero failure in all machines because problems can still occur between two maintenance cycles; and if one machine stops, the entire operation can stop. Such downtimes can cost up to 12% of revenue.

RTDT can detect early signs of problems. Predictive maintenance with ‘RT-DT Real Time

Plant Condition Monitoring’ can significantly lower annual maintenance cost and prevent revenue losses arising from unexpected downtimes.

Making a plant smart and efficient shouldn’t cost you millions of dollars. With a goal driven planning, you can determine what you want to accomplish and backtrack from there to connect and monitor your most critical machines first.