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Easy, faster, and smarter data monitoring for your machines 

Let's bring scientific thinking to your plant

with an integrated software and hardware data platform
for chemical and manufacturing plants


The New Age of Industrial IoT

Monitor and control your machines remotely and smartly from anywhere in the world


Monitor 5000 machines on a plant 

RTDT’s light weight data transmission allows you to monitor 5000 machines simultaneously on the single wi-fi router. 

This is achieved by RTDT Lab’s unique and proprietary data compression technique developed by our world-class scientists.


Automatic data analysis

RTDT’s predictive analytics platform provides 24/7 trends in machine vibrations and other parameters. This can help you plan your maintenance schedule.


Monitor up to 12 parameters

For each machine, RTDT can monitor 12 parameters such as vibration, temperature, pressure, and so on.


Automatic Calibration

RTDT automatically calibrates itself within a few hours of installation. It automatically detects vibration modes, machine usage, and alarm thresholds. 


High-Tech sensors for vibration analysis

Some RTDT’s sensors can detect vibrations in a wide band of frequencies from 500 Hz to 8000 Hz, while others are designed to detect low frequency vibrations. With wide band Fourier transforms, you can diagnose all kinds of machine problems.


Data storage and Integration with your SCADA systems

RTDT servers store 3 months of real time data on our highly secured encrypted servers.  Data, collected every 10 seconds,  will be available to download for further analysis.


Easy to Install

No special expertise required. Order unit and install in just three simple steps: Attach the sensor, turn the power ON, login and start monitoring.


Automatic Notifications

RTDT server sends notifications to your maintenance team as soon as it detects abnormalities in the machine behaviors.


RTDT for Hazardous Area

Hazardous area certified products are also available for chemical and oil industries.


Many options to suit your needs

1. Central hub with multiple sensors
2. Separate wireless devices for each machine with up to 12 different sensors
3. Device drivers to bring your legacy sensors to cloud
4. Dedicated server

Continuous R&D support

When you buy an RTDT Labs' product, you don't just get a product full of rich features; you also get a large team of passionate scientists and engineers to help you any time. Solving complex problems is our passion.  




With IoT we will live in a smarter world

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