The world's most advanced machine condition monitoring technology will reduce operational and maintenance cost of machines by 40% on chemical, wind energy, plastic, oil refinery and manufacturing plants.

The World's Most Advanced Machine Condition Monitoring Technology

RTDT Machine condition monitoring technology combines three latest paradigms: Internet of Things (IOT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Cloud technologies. RTDT devices monitor your machine vibrations 24/7 and diagnose mechanical problems in their early stages.

RTDT device based machine monitoring service will help you keep your plant running smoothly, without interruptions, meet the deadlines, increase production, prevent accidents, and improve output efficiency.

  • No calibration required. RTDT Device automatically learns different behavior patterns of the machine within a few hours after installation and calibrates itself.
  • Any deviations from normal operation modes will be detected and notified on your smart devices.
  • Provides you trend analysis of up to 12 machine parameters such as temperature, fluid pressure, and other installed sensors
  • And yet, it is the most affordable solution in the world: you can get started with the AI based condition monitoring for your critical machines at as little as $20 per month.

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Remote Monitoring

In IoT and Cloud enabled factories you can monitor your machine from anyware in the world

Remote Control

IoT and Cloud gives you freedom and control


Artificial Intelligence makes operation consistent, safer, and significantly faster

Data Driven

Data driven decision and control with IoT and AI Improves Efficiency, productivity and quality

Save upto 40% of plant maintenance cost

Prevent unplanned downtime

Improve Quality

Increase Production

Avoid Accidents

Eliminate waste

Deliver on time

Improve customer satisfaction